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As you approach Yao, you can't help but notice the glistening water droplets cascading down his toned, muscular body. His mischievous grin gives you a glimpse into the wild ride he has in store for you. As you take Yao into your hands, you can feel the weight of his large base and the smoothness of his pointed shaft. His curved design is perfect for reaching all those deep, hidden spots you've been longing to explore.

Yao's texture is smooth and velvety, making it easy for beginners to enjoy. But don't be fooled by his simplicity - this toy is designed to provide maximum stimulation. Whether you want to take it slow or dive deep, Yao is the perfect toy to take you on a wild, unforgettable journey.


Processing Time Days
Made To Order 10
Available Now 1-3
Each order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.


Artwork by Joseph AK @asumono_krom

Yao - Medium Size chart

Yao - Medium

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Size: Medium
Color: Pastel Red, Purple & Pastel Cyan 
Design: Full Marbled
Firmness: Medium
Upgrade: None

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Dimensions S M L
Total length 18cm 24cm 29cm
Usable length 15cm 19cm 23cm
Circumference shaft 15cm 20cm 24cm
Circumference base 32cm 42cm 52cm
Shaft diameter 5cm x 5cm 7cm x 7cm 8cm x 8cm
Diameter base 12cm x 8cm 15cm x 9cm 19cm x 12cm
Weight 440 grams 880 grams 1600 grams
Dimensions S M L
Total length 7 ″ 9.5 ″ 11.4 ″
Usable length 5.9 ″ 7.5 ″ 9 ″
Circumference shaft 5.9 ″ 7.9 ″ 9.4 ″
Circumference base 13 ″ 16.5 ″ 20.5 ″
Shaft diameter 1.9 ″ x 1.9 ″ 2.7 ″ x 2.7 ″ 3.14 ″ x 3.14 ″
Diameter base 4.7 ″ x 3 “ 5.9 ″ x 3.5 “ 7.5 ″ x 4.7 “
Weight 15.5 oz 31 oz 56,5 oz