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Naughty Fox has just released their latest product, the Minis! These small toys are becoming some of the most sought-after merchandise from our brand. While they may be tiny (about 2 inches), they are sure to bring big excitement. You have the possibility to choose between 3 package sizes.

With the 5-piece pack, you can enjoy a smaller quantity of our product and try out different models and colors. The 10-piece pack is great for those who want a bit more variety or are looking to restock their collection. And for those who can't get enough, our 15-piece pack offers the ultimate value and selection.

These little guys are made from the same high-quality material as their full-size toys. We guarantee that you will get a good mixed selection in terms of model and color.

It's important to note that the Minis are not meant for insertion, so please use them sensibly. However, they make a great addition to any toy collection, and you can buy them on their own or add them to a toy order.

Please note that the Minis are sold as novelty merchandise. Specifically, there are no refunds or returns offered on Minis, as you will be purchasing a random goodie-bag of them.

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