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Introducing Fuxi's Paw, the ultimate toy for foot enthusiasts seeking a unique and pleasurable experience.

Fuxi's Paw is made from very soft and durable silicone, making it both squeezable and fun to play with. With its variety of different fur textures and shapes, it's designed for anyone who is new to foot play or already experienced in it. 


In designing Fuxi's Paw, we took our customers' wishes into account, resulting in long, sharp claws and puffy paw pads that give each paw an impressive size and substantial weight. Even the small paw is larger than an average human hand.

Whether you want to stomp it on your face, snuggle into the crevices between its toes, or use it as a grinding toy, Fuxi's Paw is perfect for exploration and fun. 


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Every order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.

Fuxi's Paw - Small Size chart

Fuxi's Paw - Small

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Size: Small
Color: Black
Design: One Solid Color
Firmness: Soft 

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Dimensions S L
​Total Length 19.5cm 27cm
Paw Length 15cm 19cm
Paw width 12.5cm x 13.5cm 19cm x 19cm
Arm diameter 5cm x 7cm 7cm x 10cm
Weight 630 grams 1650 grams
Dimensions S L
​Total Length 7.7" 10.6"
Paw Length 5.9" 7.5"
Paw width 4.92" x 5.31" 7.48" x 7.48"
Arm diameter 1.97" x 2.76" 2.76" x 3.94"
Weight 22.22 oz 58.2 oz