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Kaya the Octopus is not just any toy, he's a majestic creature that will take you on a wild ride of pleasure.

With his smooth and sleek body, Kaya is designed to glide effortlessly into your deepest and most sensitive areas. Once he has a hold on your legs and arms, you'll be at his mercy as he takes you on a journey to new levels of ecstasy.

Thanks to his unique shape and design, Kaya is perfect for those who crave deep penetration and intense stimulation. Whether you're looking for a solo play session or a steamy night with a partner, Kaya won't disappoint. His soft yet firm material allows him to be easily bent and twisted in any direction, giving you complete control over the experience.


One of the most exciting features of Kaya are his prominent suction cups. These powerful suction cups provide an added level of stimulation that will leave you gasping for breath. Stick Kaya to any smooth surface and let him take control as you explore your body in ways you never thought possible. In conclusion, Kaya is a must-have toy for anyone who loves deep play and intense stimulation. Let this magnificent sea creature take you on a ride of a lifetime and experience pleasure like never before.


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Each order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.

Kaya - Small Size chart

Kaya - Small

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Size: Small
Color: UV Electro Orange & Cyan
Design: Artist Experiment
Firmness: Medium
Upgrade: None
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Dimensions S M XL XXL
Total Length 17cm 24cm 30cm 35cm
Usable Length 14cm 20cm 26cm 30cm
​Circumference Shaft ​11cm 20cm 27cm 31cm
Circumference Base ​18cm 27cm 33cm 40cm
Diameter Shaft 5cm 6cm x 8cm 8cm x 9cm 9cm x 11cm
Base Diameter ​6cm 8cm 10.5cm 12cm
Weight 230 grams 580 grams 1130 grams 1900 grams
Dimensions S M XL XXL
Total Length 2.75″ 9.4 ″ 11.8 ″ 13.77 ″
Usable Length 5.5″ 7.87 ″ 10.2 ″ 11.8 ″
​Circumference Shaft ​4.3″ 7.87 ″ 10.6 ″ 12.2 ″
Circumference Base ​7″ 10.6 ″ 13 ″ 15.75 ″
Diameter Shaft 1.96″ 2.36 ″ x 3.14 ″ 3.14 ″ x 3.54 ″ 3.54 ″ x 4.33 ″
Base Diameter ​2.36" 3.14 " 4.13 " 4.72 "
Weight 8.1 oz 20.45 oz 40 oz 67 oz