If widening and stretching has one word, it's Diesel. He is short, he is thick, he is massive! An ideal toy for stretching and widening. Diesel has prominent veins as well as a tapered glans to guarantee easy insertion. His shaft goes to its maximum diameter until it tapers a little again. Due to its shape and width, it fills you completely. The base is solid and has a fur pattern.

Diesel is the perfect daddy toy for your collection.


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Made To Order 3-7
Available Now 1-3
Each order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.
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Primary Color
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$63.00 incl. VAT.

$63.00 incl. VAT

Design options Product Sizes Firmness options

  • Split colors

    The selected colors are split in Shaft Color (Primary Color) and Base Color (Secondary Color) ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Swirl

    The selected colors are made in a striped pattern. ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Full Marble

    The selected colors are mixed wildly. ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Like Product Picture

    Your toy will look very similar to the one shown in the image slider. Kein Bild festgelegt

Dimensions S M L
Total Length 13cm 17,5cm 22,5cm
Usable Length 10,5cm 15,5cm 18,5cm
Circumference Tip 18cm 24,5cm 31,5cm
Circumference of Shaft 20,5cm 28cm 35,5cm
Base Circumference 25,5cm 35cm 44,5cm
Diameter Shaft 7cm x 6cm 9cm x 8cm 10,5cm x 11,5cm
Diameter Base 8cm x 8cm 11cm x 11cm 14cm x 14cm
Weight 350 grams 1000 grams 2000 grams
Dimensions S M L
Total Length 5.1" 6.9" 8.9"
Usable Length 4.1" 6.1" 7.3"
Circumference Tip 7.1" 9.7" 12.4"
Circumference of Shaft 8.1" 11" 14"
Base Circumference 10.1" 13.8" 17.5"
Diameter Shaft 2.8" x 2.4" 3.55" x 3.15" 4.13" x 4.53"
Diameter Base 3.15" x 3.15" 4.33" x 4.33" 5.5" x 5.5"
Weight 12.35oz 35.3oz 70oz
  • Soft

    A very soft silicone. It is very easy to squeeze bend and pull. It is like a warm gummy bear.

  • Medium

    It's a little harder to squeeze than the soft silicone. It can be compared to a flexed muscle.

  • Firm

    It is difficult to squeeze this silicone or pull it apart. If you bend it, it will quickly return to its original shape.