Sergals are a peaceful and mystical race of aliens with shark-like heads. They come from a distant world on a planet similar to our own, populated by wondrous creatures and strange flora...


Meet Silver - The naughty Sergal.


Silver's sleek body moved with a sensual grace that turned every movement into an act of temptation. Her body, covered in soft fur, exudes an exotic blend of mammalian and reptilian features. The texture of her skin, smooth and seductively supple, shimmered in the light, emphasizing the sensual tension that surrounded her. 


Silver's muzzle is shaped like a smooth shark with small fur details. Her pink tongue sticks out towards you and is stimulating due to its ribbed surface. Her expression and the sight of her teeth leave you with a feeling of both dominance and submission that makes her truly irresistible. Get yourself involved with her and discover the feeling of primal passion and desire.


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Each order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.

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€109,49 incl. VAT.

€109,49 incl. VAT

Design options Product Sizes Firmness options

  • Split colors

    The selected colors are split in Shaft Color (Primary Color) and Base Color (Secondary Color) ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Swirl

    The selected colors are made in a striped pattern. ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Full Marble

    The selected colors are mixed wildly. ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Like Product Picture / Signature Design

    Your toy will look very similar to the one shown in the image slider. Kein Bild festgelegt

Dimensions L
Total length Outside 18,5 cm
Usable Inner Length 16 cm
Inner Diameter 2,5 cm (2 cm)
Circumference Head 29 cm
Weight 900 Gramm
Dimensions L
Total length Outside 7.3″
Usable Inner Length 6.3″
Inner Diameter 1" (0.8")
Circumference Head 11.4"
Weight 32 oz
  • Soft

    This silicone is characterized by exceptional softness, making it effortless to squeeze, bend and pull. Its lifelike texture is similar to the gentle pliability of warm soft skin, providing a comfortable and malleable texture.

  • Medium

    Compared to soft silicone, this firmness is more resistant when compressed. The firmness is similar to that felt when tensing a muscle. Its density requires a slightly higher pressure intensity compared to soft silicone.

  • Firm

    It is very difficult to compress or pull apart. Even if it is bent, it quickly returns to its original shape. This firmness is ideal for toys that need to be very stiff and unyielding. This firmness is also ideal for the base of the toy.