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Tatsu the Chinese dragon combines strength and dominance. His winding body, adorned with luminous scales, dances through the sky and embodies the essence of sensuality and unbridled desire.

His scales shine metallic in the light of the sun, while his muscles and tail throw shadows on the earth. His cold breath sends a shiver of desire down your back. The touch of his scaly skin on naked flesh awakens sleeping desires and awakens your primal craving that yearns for fulfillment.

You will feel it as Tatsu wraps his moist warm skin around you and presses you against him with palpable force. His jagged and scaly shaft with barbs slowly slide into you while he watches you with a close gaze and big hypnotizing dark green eyes. You surrender to his size and his will.

At this moment there is no turning back, you and Tatsu enter into a final bond after his big knot slides into you with a last big pop. And when the peak of desire is reached, the passion of the dragon ignites in a burst of fervor. His embrace becomes an inferno of ecstasy.


Processing Time Days
Made To Order 5
Available Now 1-3
Each order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.
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€64,95 incl. VAT.

€64,95 incl. VAT

Design options Product Sizes Firmness options

  • Split colors

    The selected colors are split in Shaft Color (Primary Color) and Base Color (Secondary Color) ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Swirl

    The selected colors are made in a striped pattern. ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Full Marble

    The selected colors are mixed wildly. ONE SOLID COLOR

  • Like Product Picture / Signature Design

    Your toy will look very similar to the one shown in the image slider. Kein Bild festgelegt

Dimensions S M L
Total Length 17.5cm 22cm 27cm
Usable Length 14.5cm 18.5cm 23cm
Circumference Tip 15.5cm 19.5cm 24cm
Circumference of Shaft 15cm 19cm 22.5cm
Circumference Knot 19.5cm 24cm 29cm
Base Circumference 24.5cm 31cm 38cm
Tip Diameter 4.5cm x 5cm 6.3cm x 6cm 7.5cm x 7.7cm
Diameter Knot 7.5cm x 3.5cm 9.3cm x 4.3cm 11.2cm x 5cm
Diameter Base 7cm x 8.2cm 9cm x 10.3cm 10.8cm x 12.5cm
Weight 360 grams 770 grams 1440 grams
Dimensions S M L
Total Length 6.9" 8.7" 10.6"
Usable Length 5.7" 7.3" 9"
Circumference Tip 6.1" 7.7" 9.4"
Circumference of Shaft 5.9" 7.5" 8.9"
Circumference Knot 7.7" 9.4" 11.4"
Base Circumference 9.6" 12.2" 15"
Tip Diameter 1.8" x 2" 2.5" x 2.4" 2.9" x 3"
Diameter Knot 2.9" x 1.4" 3.7" x 1.7" 4.4" x 2"
Diameter Base 2.8" x 3.2" 3.5" x 4" 4.2" x 4.9"
Weight 12.7oz 27.2oz 50.8oz
  • Soft

    This silicone is characterized by exceptional softness, making it effortless to squeeze, bend and pull. Its lifelike texture is similar to the gentle pliability of warm soft skin, providing a comfortable and malleable texture.

  • Medium

    Compared to soft silicone, this firmness is more resistant when compressed. The firmness is similar to that felt when tensing a muscle. Its density requires a slightly higher pressure intensity compared to soft silicone.

  • Firm

    It is very difficult to compress or pull apart. Even if it is bent, it quickly returns to its original shape. This firmness is ideal for toys that need to be very stiff and unyielding. This firmness is also ideal for the base of the toy.