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Sergals are a peaceful and mystical race of aliens with shark-like heads. They come from a distant world on a planet similar to our own, populated by wondrous creatures and strange flora...


Meet Silver - The naughty Sergal.


Silver's sleek body moved with a sensual grace that turned every movement into an act of temptation. Her body, covered in soft fur, exudes an exotic blend of mammalian and reptilian features. The texture of her skin, smooth and seductively supple, shimmered in the light, emphasizing the sensual tension that surrounded her. 


Silver's muzzle is shaped like a smooth shark with small fur details. Her pink tongue sticks out towards you and is stimulating due to its ribbed surface. Her expression and the sight of her teeth leave you with a feeling of both dominance and submission that makes her truly irresistible. Get yourself involved with her and discover the feeling of primal passion and desire.


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Each order includes a storage bag made from 100% cotton.

Silver - Large Size chart

Silver - Large

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Size: Large 
Color: Pastel Red, Blue, Pastel Cyan & White
Design: Artist Experiment
Firmness: Soft
Upgrade: None

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Dimensions L
Total length Outside 18,5 cm
Usable Inner Length 16 cm
Inner Diameter 2,5 cm (2 cm)
Circumference Head 29 cm
Weight 900 Gramm
Dimensions L
Total length Outside 7.3″
Usable Inner Length 6.3″
Inner Diameter 1" (0.8")
Circumference Head 11.4"
Weight 32 oz